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Reiki Treatment


Reiki is a powerful, hands-on Japanese technique that promotes healing and relaxation. It is energy, channeled from the universal energy field and passed through the healer into another living thing.

During a reiki session, your energy and body is tuned to a higher vibration, allowing your mind, body and soul to communicate and work together in harmony. This leads to improved physical, mental and spiritual wellness.   

Energy healing such as Reiki, has the power to realign, restore and heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.


  • Offers relief from physical pain    and injury

  • Speeds up recovery from surgery or long-term illness and can even prevent them from ever developing

  • Improves quality of sleep 

  • Boosts immune system

  • Stress reduction and relaxation

  • Balances the mind and emotions, enhancing mood, memory and mental clarity

  • Alleviates fear, frustration and negative habits

  • Heightened energy, intuition and connection to spirit

  • Receive guidance and a deeper understanding of your life's purpose

  • Remove and release blocks preventing you from achieving your desires

I was very young when I first became aware of my ability to heal, and it has become an integrated part of my everyday life since. 

It's also a beautiful gift I know lies within all of us, and with every session I work on reawakening your own ability to heal, while tuning into the messages of your angelic guides to align you with your path and purpose.



"I've had two reiki sessions with M and she's already changed my life. My daily foot pain from a previous injury has vanished; since my first session two months ago I've felt no pain. The energy I walk with through life is completely different. I feel lighter and more joyous. I have been an overeater my whole life (something we never discussed) and suddenly I'm not over eating. I'm not accessing my willpower, I just don't do it now. My body started reacting to gluten and diary, so I stopped eating it without even trying - no cravings. Most incredible, people and things that propel me forward in my career have started pouring into my life. Daily I have kismet moments. AT LEAST once a day, every single day. I cannot recommend her services enough. It's all I can talk about and everyone should be so fortunate to experience what I have. I can't wait for my next session."

Marissa, New York

"M has a gift for transformational healing that is second to NONE. I have worked with countless people in the healing arts for almost 30 years. No-one has come close to what M does. She has cleared obstacles from my life that I was not even aware were there and my entire life changed and blossomed as a result. I am now a mother after years of being unable to have children, my artistic career has found a new life and my entire outlook on life and what is possible has changed.  M deals in the miraculous, working with her is life changing. Get ready for the ride!"

Courtney, Los Angeles


"My experiences with M have always left me feeling light and more in touch with myself. Our sessions have cleared blockages and given me a deep perspective on my life. M has an incredible ability to connect to a greater source and allow her sessions to flow beautifully. She is such a genuine and powerful healer."

Dilan, Istanbul

"M is like my own personal "Tinker Bell". Her healing energy cleared a path for me to accept and embrace success in true love. Granting me permission to love myself more deeply and preparing me for the light to shine brighter in my relationships. I feel energetically lifted simply being in her presence. Madeleine's fairy dust is incomparable."

Allegra, New York

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