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Mastering the Art of 

An 8 week online course

Are you ready to explore the next frontier of Manifesting?
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We’ve all heard that our thoughts create our reality, but do you know just how true this is? For the first time in history, both Science and Spirituality point to the same powerful truth that we are – very literally – creating our own reality.

This 8 week online workshop is for anyone who:


  • Longs for a deeper understanding and mastery of life

  • Wants to strengthen their psychic abilities and manifestation practice

  • Has trouble reprogramming old, limiting beliefs stuck within the subconscious mind

  • Is ready to feel more guided and embedded in the flow of life

  • Is creating a life that raises the vibration of the planet


... Fast forward 10 months, and I'm now living the dream I imagined so clearly in your workshop, which was seeing my musical in an off-Broadway theater.
I wrote the music and lyrics. It just opened on 42nd St. and it's the first family musical about disabilities, kindness and inclusion...




Your vibration, programmed by the mind through what you think, feel, see, learn, believe and suppress, is creating your reality –

whether you are conscious of it, or not.

With a keen focus on integrating cutting-edge scientific research and theories with teachings of ancient wisdom and personal mastery, this course addresses the highest potential of manifesting as not merely a way to obtain material desires, but as powerful life practice to consciously create a satisfying, joyful and abundant life at all levels of your being.  


You will genuinely feel a deep, inner transformation that allows you to masterfully navigate your inner and outer world to consciously create in all area's of your life. 
    You are the author... 



Imagine always having a clear and focused subconscious mind that allows you to effortlessly bring your heart's desires into reality. 

Sign up for the Conscious Creation Workshop and we will teach you how to make this your reality!

All our love, 

Maddie and Kali xx

What You'll Gain

This 8 week program is your invitation to create a solid foundation for the changes you want to make and goals you want to achieve over the coming months and years.

You’ll clarify your dream life, identify your core values, learn how to connect to the wisdom of your authentic self, manage your personal energy, clear mental and emotional blocks, and tap into your intuition to set intentions and goals that are aligned with your purpose.

By the end of this program you’ll have a clear focus of your dream life and a solid plan in place with new tools and resources to support yourself in moving forward to consciously creating a life you truly love.

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Beach Party


Fortune Telling Cards


Image by Jeremy Bishop


Bonnie, New York

I attended your incredible Conscious Creation workshop and emailed you afterward about how much I loved it. Fast forward 10 months, and I'm now living the dream I imagined so clearly in your workshop, which was seeing my musical in an off-Broadway theater. I wrote the music and lyrics. It just opened on 42nd St. and it's the first family musical about disabilities, kindness and inclusion. 


In your workshop, I imagined the feeling of the velvet seats, the woody smell of the theater, audiences in wheelchairs watching the show, kids and adult of all abilities taking photos with the cast, and it's really come true. Afterward, I was so enlivened and touched by the dream (I was crying!). Thank you so much for helping me so clearly feel and smell and see it all.

What People Say

Kelley, New York

Madeleine's workshop is an amazing course and what she teaches truly works! Within a week of applying her techniques I felt a shift in myself, and how I related to the world - a month later I literally landed my dream job after struggling for two years in my career. I love that the material provides clear, actionable steps for manifesting, and that each step is covered in great detail so that you truly understand the process. The level of insight that Maddie brings to the subject is impressive and she has a wonderful, healing presence. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to create a happier, more attuned life- truly transformational!

Sharon, Hawaii

Step out into a space of creation by participating in this course. Kali and Maddie have created a course for investigating your deepest longings to live a fulfilling and resourceful life - through conscious creation. Do you want a new car? Not a problem. Would you like to create your dream job? This course will empower your creation. Not certain what you want to create, still, you know you want to create something good'? Conscious Creation will assist you in defining, categorizing, and refining your desires. 

course curriculum

This 8 week transformational program includes 6 modules of teachings that are both practical and profound, plus two live sharing + Q&A sessions. Each module includes a live 90 minute class, plus downloadable course materials, exercises and illustrations to further illuminate the teachings and support your practice (all provided in our Conscious Creation Guidebook). 


Module 1.jpg

Conscious Creation + The Universal Laws 

Discover the true meaning and potential of conscious creation and why this topic is more important than ever in our current culture. Gain a deep understanding of the mutable and immutable laws that govern the processes of conscious creation, and how to use them in your life to create your desired reality. 


Topics Include: 

  • What is Conscious Creation and how is it currently shaping our lives?

  • How to use the immutable Universal Laws in your daily life to fast track creation.

  • How to transcend the inevitable highs and lows of life through learning how to rise above the Mutable Universal Laws.

  • A deep dive into the laws of Vibration and Attraction


Classes meet online each Tuesday for 90 minutes, beginning August 23rd at 7pm EST/4pm PST.

All classes will be recorded and sent to registered participants with weekly session notes and guidebook exercises for the week.


The Science Behind Conscious Creation

Module 2.jpg

Explore conscious creation through the lens of cutting-edge science and research. Discover incredible findings of how our material and immaterial worlds relate, how our thoughts influence reality, and how we can apply the newest science to support and elevate the practices of conscious creation. 


Topics Include: 

  • The relationship between the material and non-material worlds

  • The spiritual implications of quantum physics 

  • The miraculous power of belief in scientific and medical findings 

  • Exploring the realm of infinite possibilities


Module 3.jpg

How Our Vibration Influences Reality

Take a deep dive into exactly how your thoughts and emotions are creating your personal point of attraction and perceived reality. Discover how to manage and shift your vibration into a desired state aligned with the reality you long to create. 

Topics Include:

  • What creates your personal point of attraction (vibration)

  • The role of the mind, emotions and body in the creation process

  • The vibrational scale of consciousness + how to use it to close the "vibrational gap" between your present reality and that which you desire  

  • How to work with conscious awareness to mange your vibration

  • Best practices for managing your personal energy for success 


Mastering the Art of Conscious Creation

Module 4.jpg

Discover a framework for masterfully creating anything you desire - a six step repeatable, implementable process that precisely breaks down everything you need to know and do to consciously create a life you love. 

Topics Include:

  • The six steps that form the blueprint of Conscious Creation

  • Clarifying and aligning to your authentic soul desire

  • How to activate, ground and embody your desires into physical form 

  • Tuning to inspired vs. forced action + practical steps to take 

  • What to do when your creations aren't coming  

  • Tools and best practices to guide you through this repeatable process at each step to ensure enjoyment and success


Working with your Subconscious Mind

Module 5.jpg

Delve into the subconscious mind - the powerhouse of all creativity and creation. Learn all about the layers of the conscious and unconscious minds, how they form and interact to create your version of reality, and the most powerful processes and techniques you can use to clear old limiting patterns and beliefs, reprogram your subconscious, and shift yourself into abundance mindsets. 

Topics Include:

  • They layers of the conscious and unconscious mind

  • What beliefs are, how they impact our experience of reality and how to easily identify limiting or destructive beliefs 

  • How to align your subconscious with what you consciously desire

  • Brainwaves and states of consciousness optimal for subconscious re-programming + how to access them 

  • Powerful processes and techniques  to clear limiting beliefs, reprogram your subconscious, and shift into abundance mindsets. 


Module 6.jpg

The Art of Allowing 

When we surrender to our purpose, magic happens. But first we need to get out of our own way, trust in the process, and ALIGN with the divine plan for our lives to unfold. This final module teaches you exactly how to align with your desires, let go of any lingering resistance and allow your desires to easefully flow forth into your life.

Topics Include:

  • Your role in co-creation

  • Letting go of resistance and shifting into the receiving mode 

  • Surrender, faith and gratitude practices 

  • Understanding Divine timing

  • Opening to Infinite Wisdom 

  • Create a conscious support system 



Free yourself
to create the life you have always wanted!

Meet the Facilitators

Kali 2.webp


 Maddie is an Energy Healer and Manifestation Coach who specializes in clearing subconscious blocks and realigning you with your purpose. Founder of Higher Vibrational Living, her passion and purpose is to help raise your vibration, so that you can naturally and effortlessly grow your soul, fulfill your purpose and feel abundant in all areas of your life.


Kali is certified Life Coach, EFT Practitioner, MBA graduate and life long student of self development and spiritual awakening who specializes in Personal Transformation, Success Mindsets, and helping clients consciously create a life they love. After years of transforming through her own limiting beliefs and challenges, she realized her journey of self-discovery was indeed her greatest teaching and calling.

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